ScopeComm v1.3

Oscilloscope Control Program

ScopeComm, an Oscilloscope control program that enables easy downloading and viewing of waveforms from many Tektronix Oscilloscopes, is available for download! 
Free Version Download

Tek-VISA program

Digital oscilloscopes are an essential component of any research environment.  New scopes have advanced features that allow for seamless communication to the lab computer.  Older scopes, like the TDS200 or TDS600 series, still can be a viable laboratory instrument.  Small improvements in the Oscilloscope/Computer connection can save valuable laboratory time.  Being Physicists, we know this!  We developed ScopeComm software for our own laboratory work, and realized others could benefit as well.

ScopeComm Oscilloscope Communication Program
Figure1: A Screen shot of the ScopeComm.  Here an FFT was performed on the waveform from Channel 1 and displayed on Graph5.  The FFT function is available upon purchase.

Basic Features (Free in Demo Mode):

    • Two dedicated buttons for downloading channels 1 and 2.
    • Two variable buttons that enable download from channels 3 and 4, reference waveforms, and math results.
    • Remote forced trigger and start buttons.
    • Waveforms are saved in comma-separated-value (csv) format for easy viewing in spreadsheet programs.
    • Recall saved waveforms to graphs.
    • Allows for four different scope configurations.
    • Four available graphs for the display of waveforms.
    • Easy display of waveform statistics including the full-width half maximum value of the largest peak.
    • Retrieve data point values by clicking the point.

Advanced Features:

    • Ten available graphs for the display of waveforms.
    • Add, subtract, multiply, or divide any waveform by a constant or another waveform.
    • Apply a Fast Fourier Transform to any waveform and view the magnitude.
    • Apply a histogram analysis to any waveform.
    • Compare two waveforms by applying a linear regression fit.
    • Automatically scale the vertical resolution of the oscilloscope to take full advantage of the bitdepth.
    • Automatically save downloaded waveforms using the AutoSave function.
    • Automatically take measurements, such as frequency, mean, and rise time, at user-defined intervals.
    • Download a channel continously using the LiveView function.
    • Send your own commands to the oscilloscope.
    • Tech Support and Notice of Upgrades.


    • Microsoft Windows 2000, XP (32-bit), and Vista (32-bit).
    • Pentium III or equivalent or later processor
    • 128 MB or more RAM
    • RS-232, GPIB, or Ethernet connection to compatible Tektronix oscilloscopes.
    • Installation of Tek-VISA. (free account registration required)
    • Program has been tested on the TDS200, TDS600, TDS3054 series using the RS-232 and GPIB connections.  The program should be applicable to a wide range of Tektronix scopes and connections.  We will continue testing and expanding the list of tested osilloscopes.

Demonstration Program:
ScopeComm can be downloaded here for free trial.  The demo mode is fully functional aside from the advanced operations, and can be used for as long as you wish.  ScopeComm relies on the Tek-VISA communication link.  You must download an install this program before ScopeComm is installed.  Click here for the Tek-VISA program (V3.33), and here for the Tek-VISA manual.  If you have problems with Tek-VISA V3.02, try Tek-VISA V3.018.

Fully Operation Program:
A fully operational program can be provided upon request.

If you have specific inquiries, please contact  RSI  personnel.