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Infrared Cyrogenic Imaging Optic

Infrared Cryogenic Imaging Optics

Optimized for 8-11.5 micron light


RSI's IR Beam Expander is now for sale.  Features include:RSI IR Cyrogenic Imaging Optics

Germanium and Zinc Selenide optics optimized for 8-11.5 micron wavelength range
• 31 mm Entrance Pupil Diameter located 12 mm in front of lens
• 17-degree full Field Of View
• 18 mm back working distance for your spectral filter, or let RSI provide one to fit your needs.


  • Hyper- & Multi- Spectral Imagers
  • Chemical & Bio-agent detection
  • Target image recognition & analysis
  • Matched to currently available RSI/PSI products:
    • Fabry Perot Wide-Angle Interferometer
    • Infrared Beam Expander


Optical Substrate
Housing Substrate
MTF Performance ≥0.59 at 12.5 lp/mm
AR Coated
Per your specification
Mechanical Envelope
Ф50 mm, 77 mm long
Mechanical Interface

Optical Layout:

IR Cyrogenic Imaging Optics Optical Layout

Near Diffraction-Limited Performance at Cryogenic Temperatures:

  • 87% Encircled energy at Airy disk radial distance from centroid 0.4-milliradians
  • Wavefront error nearly invariant over field
  • Corrected for Spherical and Coma

Performance: Spot Diagram of image rays on image plane.

IR Cyrogenic Imaging Optics PSFs

Performance: Modulation Transfer Function in Spatial Frequency Space.

RSI IR Cyrogenic Imaging Optics Angular Frequency

Contact Mark Boies (Boies "at" for more information and to customize your order.

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