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For over 25 years, RSI has provided a broad spectrum of experience to our customers in very diverse fields of interest. These projects included:

  • Satellite support, including Satellite Mission Development, ConceptRIT Gondola Definition, Feasibility Studies, Experiment Planning, Flight Operations, Flight Calibration, and Data Analysis.
  • Atmospheric Modeling with Modtran6, optical design and stray light analysis using Zemax, instrument control using Python, IDL, Labview, or
  • Field tests including high altitude balloon, small aircraft, and airship imaging experiments.
  • Instrument design including multi-spectral, hyper-spectral, UV Spectrometers, Laser Rangefinders, Differential Absorption Lidar (DIAL) systems, Frequency agile chemical sensing, imaging receiver - wing platform (AF), NASA Fire sensor.
  • Bio-agent standoff Lidar, Quantum, Cascade DIAL for chemical detection, Raman Spectroscopy, Custom Optic design, Very fast IR lenses (F<1), Cryogenic operation, and Imaging Technology Development –RIT LAVA CMOS Arrays.
  • Instrument Testing & Calibration, including Radiometric Testing, Optical Alignment, and NIST traceable Sensor Calibration.
  • Advanced Image Processing including: multi-frame processing, blind deconvolution, image registration, video stabilization, and multi-spectral processing.
  • Space Propulsion, including Microwave Electrothermal (MET) Thruster, Nanopropulsion, and Compact Fusion.
  • Microtechnologies:  the MASS noise-cancelling microspeaker array, the EMP fiber-optic pressure sensor for hypersonic flight, microscale magnetic structures for actuators and charged particle optics, the MIRROR micro-retroreflector array for marking and communications, electron beam windows, the M2-EMS compact energy-mass spectrograph for charged particle detection in orbit as well as gas sensing on the ground, and enhanced carbon nanotubes for filtration.
  • Plasma technologies:  the MET microwave electric thruster for spacecraft, a system for microwave augmentation of supersonic combustors, a microwave plasma aerodynamic control system, the MIRAGE  ionosphere modification system, the CMTX magnetized target fusion plasma source,  the Rotational-Vibrational Spectral Analysis System for plasma monitoring, and plasma polishing of inorganics to improve mechanical performance. 
  • Microfabrication capabilities:  High aspect and suspended microstructures including magnets, actuators, optics and sensors. Standard metallization, photolithography, and etching.
  • Laser-based Acoustic Detection for measurement of acoustic fields and non-destructive measurement of materials.
  • Plasma research capabilities:  Microwave plasma generation; plasma diagnostics including interferometry, probes, and spectroscopy; electric propulsion thrust measurements, pulsed power techniques, vacuum technology.


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