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RSI NRL On-Site Operations

Naval Research Laboratory, Washington, DC

Sunset at NRL  RSI On-Site operations at NRL support the Plasma Physics Division in its operation of, and research with, high power lasers. Devices include the Pharos, T-Cubed, and NIKE laser systems. Led by Dr. James N. Caron, the group supports research in laser device physics, beam propagation in air and water, laser-material processing, laser fusion, and remote sensing. Recent activities include research in longitudinal compression of short pulses in air, guided electric discharges triggered by femtosecond laser filaments, and chemical/biological agent detection using ultraviolet fluorescence spectroscopy.

RSI On-site and the Lanham Operations also provide support for the Naval Center for Space Technology.   Activities include developing and demonstrating free-space laser communication, and developing advanced digital imaging systems.


Above: An image of Shadowgraphy Setup for  Experiment at the Naval Research Laboratory. Shadow graphs reveal non-uniformities in transparent media.  The illuminated object in the picture is a block of Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) utilized in the NRL tunnel shock experiments, as sidelit by a 532 nm Verdi laser. A shock is initiated at the front of the tunnel by focusing the PHAROS laser onto a thin foil.  The propagation characteristics of this shock as it traverses the tunnel arethen recorded utilizing a dark field shadowgraphy system. Image Credit: Dr. Robert Lunsford, RSI Plasma Physics Support Group at NRL.

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